A script to help PACE participants endorse new plan managers:

We created this phone script with tips to help participants call and endorse a new plan manager.


With the new NDIS PACE system, you need to first endorse any plan manager you want to work with. This just means you have to call the NDIS (on 1800 800 110) to tell them who your new plan manager is. You can also do this with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC). We’ve written this script to help your call, pre-filled with important details about Spinal Life Australia.

Hi there,

My name is [Your Name], and I am a [participant / plan nominee] in the NDIS. My NDIS number is [Your NDIS number].

My NDIS plan is on the new PACE system. This means that I have to endorse my plan manager by speaking with you. Could you please endorse Spinal Life Australia as my plan manager for my NDIS plan. (If asked, Spinal Life Australia’s provider registration number is 4050002981).

I want to endorse Spinal Life Australia from the date my plan started, which is [Your NDIS plan start date].

Can you please confirm this has been completed and that Spinal Life Australia will be able to begin services for me straight away? (They should be able to tell you “yes.”)